21 March 2018

The way of all good things

Blogging was a fad and it was fun while it lasted. It's gone out of style now with not so much as wheeze. I can't even think of the last time I looked at one; maybe ZenHabits. But nothing near like the regularity which with I used to read each new post, and look forward to them.

I still share things on the Internet -- photos mostly, via Instagram. You can find me there posting as @ifitstuesday  and also, if you must, on Twitter @jeannettecook.

Goodbye and take care!


01 October 2014

Interesting article on the flexible* definition of yoga

The headline asks. "Is yoga really about exercise?"  Interesting. I would say no, of course not. But in some parts of the world, apparently, a more diplomatic approach is required,...

*Yes, the copyeditors got to have fun with that one

30 July 2014


...are they coming back?

Romantic, sure. But honestly... Just wait till you have to change a ribbon,
or make a mistake on the very last line. Source

12 May 2014

Read your way across the USA...

... in this pretty cool map:


I'm not sure I agree with "The Virgin Suicides" choice for Michigan.. surely Hemingway's Nick Adams stories are far more famous?  But I love the concept.

04 April 2014

"I came there at noon. That is, I came somewhere at noon, but I wasn't sure where."

This version of the map of Gethen is copyright © 2009 by Milan Dubnicky, the cartographer. source

 Only two more weeks to go with my MOOC course. I'm still in there, I'm a survivor!  It's a great course -- hard work, reading and writing every week, but if you're at all interested in fantasy and sci fi check it out.  I'm getting a little tired of writing formulaic, 300-word "the significance of item X in  book Z" essays, but I can cope, I hope.  (Comment from last week's peer review: "The inclusion of your psychological state during the writing is engaging, but not exactly enlightening." Oh well - nothing like a shedding another layer of ego!)  Last week we read Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles; this week the assigned test is Ursula K LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness. Having never read either previously, I feel the world has just opened up in whole new directions. We always must read broadly and this is why. I don't know why it took me so long to come to science fiction as an adult reader, but there you go. LeGuin is my new hero. There's a Paris Review "Art of Fiction" interview with her here.  The quote in this post's title is from Left Hand of Darkness. It pretty much sums up how I feel about 90% of the time....

12 March 2014

Butter Converter

This butter conversion calculator is my new best friend. And he's got a whole bunch of buddies, including a flour converter calculator, a yogurt converter calculator, and more. Wow. The perfect antidote to my number one pet peeve: US food bloggers who don't include metric ingredients measures in their recipes....

05 March 2014

Pancake Math

It's a puzzle... you have your perfect pancake batter. But it makes either too many or too few. What to do?

Well, a little higher mathmatics is all, apparently:
Students from Sheffield University's Maths Society (SUMS) developed, trialled and tested a formula which enables pancake-lovers to adjust for preferred thickness, griddle size, and number desired. Source.

And if that's too complex, the lovely students at Sheffield U have produced a handy-dandy calculator. It looks like this:

To use it you'll have to go to the university's website. Note, they're coming from the UK so when they say "pancake" they're thinking crepe-size, not the smaller American type. Bon appetit!