14 March 2008

Jumping In

This is my first post. It's spontaneous.

I wasn't planning on doing this today. True, I've been thinking about it for a while. I wanted to have some cool images, though. I wanted it to be special.

But today the urge to put something out in the world is stronger than the desire to wait until everything is "perfect".

The purpose of this blog is to share, in whatever stage, my work in progress. You can come to my virtual garret, and see what I'm writing today. I might write sometimes about other things too -- related topics. We'll see how it goes. I will post a poem in a few minutes... Remember, it's a work in progress!


  1. May I be the first (hopefully of many)to visit your blog and appreciate your work.

    PS There's only one "L" in coffee

  2. you know how much I have enjoyed your poetry in the past so...as you have not published an anthology yet :-) I look forward to reading your work on-line.

  3. what's up with all this techno savy blog crazy stuff? it's very cool!

    As for the poems; I think they are as fatastic as the poet


  4. Congratulations Jeannette!!
    Getting started is the hardest part but you've done it and now I hope you get lots of inspiration, lots of visitors and good input. Will be visiting regularly. All the best.