23 April 2008

Valzhyna Mort, 2

I was so inspired by Mort's poem on Poetry Daily, that I went looking for more poems. I was curious about Franz Wright, who I'd never heard of before; the bio said he was Viennese but lives in Massachusetts, and I'm always interested in transplants, being one myself. Also the title of his Pulitzer-winning collection intrigued me: "Walking to Martha's Vineyard." But I didn't find one of those poems. Instead I found another translation of Mort's work. Belarusian I.

What is so captivating about these poems? (1) Their simple, direct language. Simple = beautiful. (2) How the poems feel so free in their own form. (3) In Belarusian I, the wonderful loop-back at the end (to an earlier image). (4) How each poem tells a small yet perfectly formed and unique story.


  1. you can see video of valzhyna's reading with improvised noise in german city chemnitz in 2006 (reading is with german translations) http://youtube.com/watch?v=uOPOm6KozWE - last poem in reading is "belarusian 1"

  2. sorry, in that video is "belarusian 2"