20 May 2008

About 'ceci n'est pas une cuisine'

The title originally came from an idea I had to do a food blog. Since I am living in Belgium, I naturally turned to Magritte for inspiration. The food idea turned out to be a bit more than I felt I could pull off, so for a while I had the title without the blog. Then I thought, when I was thinking about doing this blog, "Why waste a perfectly good title?"

So I didn't. This blog was born. And now I've written the poem, and did it at last week's reading.

UPDATE AUGUST 2009 -- It looks as though the poem is going to be published! More info (and a link, I hope) as soon as this, fingers crossed, happens.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2009 -- My poem, 'Magritte and Maman', has indeed been published! It is in the Oct-Nov-Dec 2009 issue of Mslexia magazine, chosen by guest editor Patience Agbabi. The poem is not available on line, but here is what Ms Agbabi said about it in her introduction:
There’s a real edge to ‘Magritte and Maman,’ a quirky take on the artist Magritte’s ‘Ceci n’est pas’ series in which there is a distinction made between the actual thing and its depiction. The poem makes no such distinction, instead displaying a flamboyant feminism and a nascent sexuality: ‘And the gap in the front of her bathrobe, too –/like a door left ajar….’
See, I told you I write about sex!

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