13 May 2008

No time to talk...

I've been "all systems go" for the past 10 days or so, and now gearing up for a reading!

It's "An Evening Of Prose And Poetry", on Thursday, 15 May. There will be 5 of us: John, Alice, Loretta, Simon and me. It all got started because Simon is coming to visit Alice, and wanted -- really wanted -- to do a reading while he was here. So, we're doing one! We're charging admission to cover the cost of renting the venue, with anything leftover, we've decided, to donate to a local cancer charity. We met last week to look over the venue and plan the night. Pressure's on now (in a good way though) to come up with the poems I'll be doing; I think I've got them where I want them, but I've got to be sure, because I'm up first.

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