16 May 2008

Yesterday Evening's Reading

Had a fantastic turn-out to the reading last night. At least 50 people. Many of them were strangers, too -- and it's a shame we will probably never know exactly how they heard about us, because we didn't think to put out a sheet to sign up for more information, or something like that.

I really love reading out my stuff. I would have done it for an audience half the size, or a quarter. Or even less, tobe honest! I did 5 poems: "bird broken wing", "Alternative Lives, #1", "Magritte's Mother"
(a work in progress I will post soon), "Uncle Dean" (that perennial favourite), and "Hole".

Unfortunately, I have no photos -- technical malfunction. A friend, Margit, suggested afterwards too that we should have made a recording.

Definitely something to consider for the next time.


  1. well I was one of the teeming cowd and a newly aquired fan of your work! It was a great evening. I loved the atmosphere, the readings and the chats afterwards.
    It would be great if you repeated it although I'm convinced the audiance will grow each tie so you may have to consider a larger venue!
    thank you for a great evening.

  2. Thanks Honey, I'm glad you enjoyed it. We are indeed considering doing another reading, maybe even this autumn..... So watch this space for details!