08 June 2008

Happy Sunday Morning Reporting

Went to a fun dinner party last night given by the parents of Girl One's friend, T and F. I've actually known T for a long time, but they went to the US for three years, so there was a break. Other people from the girls' school were there, too, mixed Anglophone couples though well-balanced with 2 Frenchies and one Belgian-Frenchie. There were also 2 Swedes and 1 Dane, plus me representing the New World, and a friend of someone else who was visiting from Belfast -- a typical Brussels party.

We did a Scandinavian thing of going around the table, everyone singing a song. Since we had a mix of nationalities, it was songs from our countries. I did "If I Had a Hammer", because I didn't remember enough of the words to "This Land is Your Land". Later we did national anthems.....

Girl 2 was a trooper and stayed up the entire night and walked home with me (a 10 minute walk), then was asleep before her head hit the pillow I think. She got up at 8 and I've let her watch cartoons, but I'll have to go and feed her in a few moments. (Girl 1 is at a slumber party somewhere else)

I also had a good cello lesson yesterday afternoon. Y (the prof) saw how far behind I was in paying him my monthly rental fee and suggested, if I want to keep playing, that I consider buying a cello. Strangely I am somewhat inspired by the thought of saving 3000-5000 euro for my very own instrument. I can't tell you how much I like playing that thing. It gives me I-don't-know-what. Comfort and joy? Something like that.

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