13 June 2008

Hope... £6 a packet

You may have noticed I've been a little down, at least about writing. (Other parts of my life are going swimmingly, thank you, knock wood, etc.) I think feeling down may have to do with getting yet another rejection... which normally I can take in stride, but not, apparently, at the moment. It's that back (again) to the drawing board feeling. That "where do I go from here?"

Then I remembered Bridport. It's a poetry/short story prize. I'm too lazy to give you the link right now so you'll just have to google it. Sorry about that. Anyway I remembered a writer friend talking about entering. "£6 an entry," he said. "That sounds pretty steep for one poem," I said, "and 42 lines maximum (!) at that" -- but now I'm thinking, £6? That's not so bad!
£6 and the whole world changes. £6 for a packet of hope. Something I wrote is out in the world, and you never know, do you? As the saying goes: you have to play to win.

And because I have just finished that draft of a story, I looked at the rules for the short story section too. The judge this year is Helen Simpson -- I love her stuff. And the short story word count is 5000 words -- well within the count for the story I could enter.

Look, I feel better already, and I haven't even spent the money yet!


  1. you are writing, you work is out here out in the world being read and it's beautiful. By all means enter, but please, irrelevant of the result you have already won.
    keep writing so I can keep reading!

  2. J-

    I am enjoying your writing. Keep the pen to the parchment for the sheer pleasure of doing so. S & L will cherish them in the future as will the rest of us.


  3. Go for it & bonne chance! :)