13 June 2008

The Point

Finished a draft of the story I was working on for my writers group. So I guess you could say it is published to an audience of 10. I really had to squeeze time out of a stone in order to finish it. And because of that I've been wondering what the point is. I mean, I'm interested in it -- my story, that is; for some reason I feel the urge to write about these people who don't exist; I like puzzling out what happens to them and getting surprised when I come up with something I didn't expect to. But then what? There's always "then what". Are those things I just mentioned enough, to be the point?

I guess I think they are and that one day my choice will be validated by a faithful reading public of more than 10 people who know me. (And who are not reading my stuff in exchange for me reading theirs!)

On other days I don't care so much about what the point is. The point is there isn't a point. Or the point is whatever I want.

I wish today was one of those point-free days...

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