26 June 2008

Tuesday's Prompt from San Diego Momma

Here's my take on this week's "Tuesday Prompt" from San Diego Momma.

I tried to post it on her blog today but it wouldn't let me, maybe I'm too late or something. (Sadly this "Maman de Bruxelles " doesn't always get to do stuff for Tuesday on Tuesday!)

Anyway.... Feel free to give it a go!

Love and Other Likely Stories

The novel had stalled. I was giving it up -- for good! I was giving it up. I just hadn't gotten around to telling anybody. I still went to "work" in the converted garden shed, whose pine-panelled walls had steadily closed in on me for the past 12 months, but instead of writing I thought about how to tell Ellie that the gamble she'd made, the trips she'd never taken, all the nice stuff that she didn't have, was all for nothing. My best friend Simon once told me that his trick for getting unstuck was "to bring in the girl with a gun." But what girl? What gun? I looked through all ten of his best-selling books and I swear to God, I couldn't find a single example.


  1. Hi! Thanks for posting. I'm so glad you did. I enjoyed reading your submission (I posted it to the PROMPTuesday post...sorry you had trouble with posting it earlier.)

    (Love the title, too.)


  2. This is really good. I want mas, por favor!