04 September 2008

Danger! Poem contains knife!

Top UK exam board asks schools to destroy book containing poem "Education for Leisure" by Carol Ann Duffy.... because the poem, written in the 1980s, ends with the poem's narrator going out into the rain with a knife.

Apparently there were three complaints about the poem, two of which were from 2004.

The poem -- read it yourself in the link! -- does not glamo(u)rize or advocate knife crime. It is very effective chilling social commentary. And I imagine that many students could relate to the emotion in the poem, and the narrator's situation.

The exam board spokesperson said that while young people need "to think critically about difficult but important topics", this needs to be done in a way "which is sensitive to social issues and public concern."

Hm. Perhaps censorship could be the next important topic on the exam board's agenda!

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