14 October 2008

Announcing Martin Westlake

My friend Martin, who I know through writing, recently mentioned he was going to start a blog. I was surprised, because he already has a full time job, a wife, 2 kids, a dog, is writing a novel, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff to boot, but on the other hand he is truly one of those people who can do it all (he can do everything but waste time, woo-hoo, I've got him beat in that department!). Anyway, he told me, part of his motivation for the blog was to make his work in the EU more transparent, and for that I truly salute him. I haven't dared to write about my own observations of a certain sector of civil society in Brussels. But I suspect that Martin's blog will encompass much more than workday matters, so I encourage you all to check him out and keep with him.
You can find him at martinwestlake
... Happy blogging, Martin!

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  1. He's even got time to post comments on his friends' blogs - especially when they are so nice to him!