03 October 2008

Can't cope, won't cope

God but I am depressed. I haven't felt this low in ages - and there really is no good reason for it, which is the worst I suppose. Nothing to point to, nothing to fix, no way to say 'do this, do that', no magic trick to snap right out of it. I'm invited to a friend's tonight and she expects that I am going to read some poetry... I think I can manage to bring a cake, but poetry, I'm sorry, it won't happen. I think I can just about get to the shop, buy groceries, make a cake and something for the girls' dinner. Smitten Kitchen has by some miracle just posted what looks like the easiest soup in the world so I'll be doing that. Girl 2 will probably not like it, even though I will play up the fact that it has meat, but she can make herself grilled cheese if she really can't stand it.... Maybe being out and about this evening will be beneficial, but it's hard when the only thing that sounds good is to take to my bed. 

I'm laundering the sheets right now in fact to prevent myself from crawling into bed already!

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