06 October 2008

Je fait mes lectures.....

Quelle surprise! No one commented on my post asking for recommendations for good reads in French. However, I have found some all on my very ownsome.

Currently I am in the middle of Mes Amis, Mes Amours by Marc Levy. As a budding reader-of-French-fiction, I thought that Levy might make a good bridge. He's French but lives in London, so I can read him in the original but in a context that is familiar. But to be frank I'm not enjoying the book that much. It is rather cinematic, told in rather too distant scene-like fashion, and I don't feel attached to any of the main characters.

However I will finish it out, being half-way in I won't give it up.

Next on the list however is L'Histoire de l'Amour by Nicole Krauss, in translation from the the English. I know, I know, a translation, but what can I say? It looked good and I could understand the first few pages.

None of the other French-French books looked compelling. None had a good enough 'hook' for me to want to buy them. With a few of them, I couldn't tell what they were about. I am tempted to try that one about the hedgehog, L'élégance du hérisson by Muriel Barbery, but it is 20 euros in the bookstore, so, um, no... I will have to wait until it comes out in poche.

In the meantime I am still open for recommendations!

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