22 October 2008

Key word: Serotonin

I've been feeling very dark lately but a couple of things have happened and today is a bit lighter.

First, I talked with a friend who mentioned a very key word, serotonin. A quick review of the on-line literature makes me wonder if my desire, lately, for comfort food is not my body signalling that it needs a boost of this chemical. (Link: a very good serotonin Q&A) Interesting that I do feel better after having had proper meals containing pasta and meat 2 nights out of the past 3. Of course when you are feeling low you don't want to cook a thing, you can barely get to the cornflakes. It's surprising how few people really understand this.

The second thing that happened was I looked back over my writing from the past couple weeks. And I can see that the words are accumulating. So it can't be as bad as I think. Even if I can't tell where it is going, it is going somewhere. And knowing, feeling, it is going somewhere is really all I need.

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