01 October 2008


As a reprieve from all the politics may I present you with ramekins. "Ramekin" is one of the all-time greatest culinary words. I used to work with a group of women, all of us were in our 20s and we all liked cooking. We liked the "New Basics" cookbook (at that time, yes, then it was new); we liked Calphalon and Crate & Barrell but we loved ramekins. All it took was for one of us, in the middle of a workday, to utter the word and we would all go into collective ecstasy. Eventually one of us got married, and she registered at Williams Sonoma, and for her bridal shower we bought, among other things, half a dozen delft blue ramekins. I suspect this is the real reason I live in Europe: it's the ramekin capital of the world. You can buy Emile Henry in the grocery store here -- need I say more! (although EH call them souffle dishes for some reason ... go figure.) What brought on this bout of ramekin-reminiscing? I used dark blue ones for chicken pot pie (individual ones) on Monday night. Then I wrote about them -- this, basically -- for my writers workshop writing exercise. Then I thought, why not share my love of the ramekin with all of you?

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