04 November 2008


Just about to cook the election nite dinner. Hearing reports of some long lines, some no lines, at polling places around the country. Girl2 reported that kids in her class were chanting "Votez Obama" on the playground at recess today. Everyone in for a long night of waiting. Girl1 says she'll get up at 6 to see the results (because the bulk of it is just a wee bit past her bedtime). He Who I Love More Than Coffee is coming over with  his laptop so we can keep abreast of it all because otherwise there's only CNN. Every time I hear good news about Obama, I get a lump in my throat. 

If anyone is reading this who has not voted, get out there now!

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  1. here in the states, a great many ballots were cast in the 2 week early election timeframe. Long lines then. It only took me an hour in line to vote the day of the election.