19 November 2008

I am vintage

Today I am wearing a black knit J Crew dress that is more than 10 years old. It's Merino wool which should really last to the end of time, if treated properly. I thought I was until two years ago discovered that some moths had found it. Fortunately, it was not their favourite, there was only minimal damage. I rescued it and bought about 1,000 cedar balls and distributed them through the clothes storage boxes. Last night I darned the little holes the moth larvae had made. Yes, I have thoroughly washed it and the moths are gone. I am not an experienced darner but it helps that the dress is ribbed knit and black.

This dress if purchased today would probably cost at least $190. Is this not an excellent argument for buying (1) classic or classic-ish items made of (2) quality fabrics in (3) black?

I think it is.

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