18 November 2008

Strictly controversial

We tuned in with baited breath last night to see what Cherie and James had to say after being knocked out of this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing. Cherie was good but she was struggling with the Latin dances and she probably wouldn't have improved enough to get much farther, even without "the John Sergeant factor". She and James danced well together, though. I had never really taken to James, had found him arrogant, in past competitions. But with Cherie he seemed nicer. It was also great to see an older woman holding her own out on that dance floor!

Re "the John factor": It amazes me that John is still in there given his lack of dance talent. He's a sweet guy and you'd be happy to take a turn with him at a wedding or something but... come on. I'll stick to my position that it isn't fair, no matter how entertaining he is, to keep him in there. What do celebrities get for staying in, any way? Are they paid more? Are the professional dancers paid more? The Boyfriend (who I love more than coffee) pointed out that the rules are "judges fifty percent, public votes fifty percent", but the BBC doesn't publish the statistics. Yes, let's see those statistics! Why can't we see the public vote? We get to see the judges' vote, after all.


  1. If you think about it, when Tess is interviewing the couples after they have danced she usually says something along the lines of "if you want to see so and so dance next week then don't forget to vote" or "if so and so are your favourites then vote for them", what she does not say is "if you think so and so are the best dancers then vote for them"

  2. Found on the SCD message board...


    "I have just written to the BBC under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act asking the following:

    what are the public telephone voting numbers for each competing couple for each episode during October and November to date?

    what is the value of the telephone votes cast?

    what is the disbursement plan for charitable donations?

    There is a public interest test that can be applied, it would, perhaps, help if the pblic were to share my interest."

    I'll be watching the boards to see what comes up!