19 November 2008

Strictly News Flash!

The BF texts me to say that John Sergeant is leaving Strictly. I can't believe it!  I'm at home as it is Wednesday, the half-day of school. I rush to the PC.  John says his reason for leaving is that he might actually win the competition and 'that would be a joke too far.' There were headlines yesterday that 4 out of 10 Strictly voters voted for John to annoy the judges.

While I haven't been supporting John, and don't think he should win the competition, I find it sad that people who don't care about dancing would vote for a bad dancer out of some kind of anti-authority-figure issues, without a care about the effect on the rest of the programme. If John had made the final due to votes like that, it would have been a mockery of the whole show, and takes away the thrill for those of us who really like the dancing. 

Even so his leaving is a shame and casts a shadow over the whole thing. 

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