14 November 2008

Tree At My Window - A Project

My sister posted a comment on my tree-at-my-window post:

My tree is full of lemons, they are yellow but it is not the same.

She lives in Texas and is missing the seasons.

But I would love to have a lemon tree.... So I've asked her to send me a photo, and I will post it.

And then I thought, if anyone would like to send me a photo of their window-tree, I will post that too. So please send your photos to me.... And pass this request around, it would be fantastic to get a big collection of window-trees !

photos to jeannette dot cook gmail dot com

1 comment:

  1. Here's my lemon tree...you can have it!
    Alex just picked 5 lemons from it today. And they are DELICIOUS! How do I post a picture?
    I put it in an email to you