10 November 2008

Wish list

Wondering what to get me for my birthday? I've been wondering the same thing! Aside from a new basket for my bicycle, and the obvious Sabine Herman and Tiffany's (just something little)*, there are treasures to be found in the rue du Bailli, notably at

Zao -- scented candles, I like them for when I do yoga,


Lune apres lune: felt handbags -- there are 3 in the window at the moment -- coloured felt with flowers/patterns. Either the biggest one, maroon with long handles and flowers across the top, or the smaller version (the one with swirly turquoise and long purple handles). In fact I think I prefer the swirly one.

If none of these suit, across the street, the home deco shop sells sets of ramekins in all different colours. I think I would like red, perhaps. Or green.

I hope this helps!

* oh I am shameless


  1. To be "shameless" you'd have to know what it means.

  2. Are you feeling a bit guilty about encouraging someone to purchase something specific for you from Tiffany's. Hummm, send me an e-mail and fill me in!!!

    xoxoxoxo sis