18 December 2008

5 minutes

Just in. Did a bout of spontaneous Xmas shopping. Ordered the ham and -- wait for it -- my persistence with the turkey waiting list paid off. I have now agreed to buy the most expensive turkey in Brussels. No pressure there! It's no wonder you have to order in advance, it would take a month to save for it.

I have bought a new meat thermometer for the occasion. 

By the way, the things at this butcher are incredible. (and happily, edible).

Now I have officially 5 minutes, before I have to leave again to meet Girl 1 with a cake to take for her solfège party. God I love having a french keyboard. Accents? Bring 'em on!

This is what I've accomplished in 5 minutes:
  • warmed up and ate leftover rice with vegetables
  • put David Sedaris on my amazon wish list
  • emailed the babysitter
  • emailed Jaywalker, who I hope to meet for lunch tomorrow
  • hid the freshly purchased xmas prezzies
  • ate one miniature apple pie from the butcher (see link above)
  • posted this 

All Hail. I am officially the Queen of Rock N Roll.

1 comment:

  1. J-I never imagined one person could accomplish so much in one day. You go Girl!!!