24 December 2008

Good-bye Camera

There will be no photo, of Christmas tree or otherwise. Girl 1 has broken the camera. Or, it might have broken whether or not she had been using it, whether (or not) she had just been using it to film her sister putting her socks on, whether or not I had been yelling at her (or not) to 'put that thing away and stop filming your sister, we're late'. It may have broken in any case. We shall never know. We shall never know more than 'Lens Error 122,1,0,0', which flashes so very helpfully across the screen before it shuts itself once more into digital lockdown. Life is full of mystery, and this is no exception. Good-bye Camera. You will be missed. But perhaps we can replace you in the sales without too much agony.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I could easily send you a camera!! We have an extra one.

    Hey, Do you want me to send it with your parents in January?

    It's digital and easy to use.