09 December 2008

Life and other minor inconveniences

Left for work this morning at last possible moment, having gone back to bed with hot water bottle. Ooo it felt good.

Was further delayed due to traffic backed up all the way from Place Flagey and extending out in every direction. When bus finally arrived, soon discovered cause of blockage likely was due to some fool having closed down Avenue de la Couronne.

Local place name definitions:

Place Flagey. Please remember to say "Plahce" not "Playce". In English this would be Flagey Square. Doesn't sound half as good does it? Place Flagey is famous for being the site of building works for approximately 8 years. The square is the site of what once was a pond, drained by King Leopold and used as a parking lot most of the time. The neighborhood was prone to floods so finally the square was dug up to install a new improved storm basin drainage thingy. An underground garage was built on top of this piece of cutting edge drain technology, although by the 7th year we'd already learned where to find parking in the area. And luckily, too, as it turns out, because the new improved storm basin drainage thingy leaks and there are concerns that the garage will flood, so the underground parking is unuseable for the time being.

Avenue de la Couronne. Crown Avenue. Not half as nice as its name. A dreary excuse of a road that connects other dreary, dirty, traffic-clogged roads. Personally, I avoid it.

Bus. Same as in English. Coming soon to an American city near you! (or would be, if local US governments had any foresight.) Wait 20 minutes, then look for them in groups of 3s.


  1. Oh LOL @ Place Flagey! I just went by there the other evening - was astounded to see the works had actually ENDED - but perpelxed to see they'd apparently spent all that time just covering the whole thing with concrete flag stones. I was expecting a reproduction of Chartres Cathedral at the very least... So it's an underground car park. Hooray.

  2. I agree Leila, except for "So it's an underground car park" should be "So it's an unused underground car park"