16 December 2008


I shouldn't be doing this. I should be processing invoices. I should be writing performance goals for 2009. It's a good thing that today is my last day in the office until January. I have a lot more important things on my mind.

Mooses, for example. Ever since a friend (Leila Rasheed, if you must know), read out the Ted Hughes poem at a "soirée " a few weeks ago, I've been looking at poems again with a refreshed eye. It's exhilarating. I recommend it. Simple, strong, honest and unaffected... these are Hughes's stock in trade and I'm sure some major league poet has said it far, far better than I will but too bad, this is my blog, so there.

Thank you Ted and Leila for restoring my faith in poems.

Btw, Mooses was origninally printed in Under the North Star by Ted Hughes

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