02 December 2008

Progress Report

It's cold, rainy, and yesterday I felt like crap, but it was World Aids Day (sorry, you'll just have to google your own links for once) and I had to go hand out red ribbons in the Parliament -- the European Parliament. Fortunately the bf phoned as I was looking for a suitable sweater and I happened to look down and see that there was a hole underneath the zipper of my trousers... my good, fail safe, "look like a professional" trousers. So the good news was: hole discovered; the bad news: must re-dress. Add 15 minutes to already-lateness. But the bus was later, so it came out about even.

It's fun to do WAD in the EP. We pass out condoms, both male and female, along with the ribbons. You know, for protection. Most people have never seen a female condom -- they are much bigger, and come with instructions printed on the back of the package. So that can be interesting. (If I was less lame I would find you an image of one, see previous parenthetical, above.) Most of the staffers are enthusiastic and inquisitive and overall prepared to wear a ribbon to raise awareness... I wish I could say the same of most MEPs.

After that it was back to the office, and then it was off to get Girls. Girl 2 had a flute lesson. It is only for 30 minutes. I usually sit there pretending to read. This time I did not fall asleep.

When I got home I had to go out again to forage for food, but after that, I put on my pyjamas. The Girls did their homework, and I made brownies. With a glass of wine I mused on the fact that the things I am best at doing have no market value...

But at least I am able to do them in my pyjamas. It's of some comfort, I've decided.


  1. Well said Jeannette. I feel as though the things I do everyday have no market value...but someone in this world appreciates them!
    Yesterday was a cranky day for myself!
    Have a great day!

  2. Thought I would say hello (je suis la Belgium with toys lady).

    Fancy meeting up sometime? Next time you're handing stuff out at the Parliament I'm not far away, suffering in the temple of eurotedium. My email is on my profile page...