17 December 2008

Waiting lists, etc

I can't blame everything on Christmas, but the first sign was hearing this morning that it is probably too late to order a turkey from the Irish butcher. I'm on a waiting list for any extras. The day has not improved.

I burned the lunch and under-baked a cake. The BF left for Englland. Or I presume he left for England. He didn't call to tell me.

OK, so we said good-bye this morning. STILL. I'm stressed out and he should know it.

The last response for Girl 1's secondary school applications came in the mail. Waiting list again. Very far down. I won't go into the details of the secondary school inscription chaos here in Belgium, or at least French-speaking Belgium, but suffice to say, I asked to be enrolled at 5 local schools and am on the waiting list at all 5. Has any other family fared this badly? I shall be going into the primary school tomorrow to beg for help. Somebody pray for me, will you? I'll believe in any god that gets my daughter into a decent school.

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