13 January 2009

Bare Miniumum Tuesday

Hi, and welcome everybody to B M T, Bare Minimum Tuesday, in which I invite you to join me in doing -- well, the bare minimum. Come on, it'll be fun. Read on for more information...

B M T - FAQs

Q. Why should I participate in B M T?
A. Where have greed and blind ambition gotten us? I'll tell you. Long commutes in traffic jams, religious fanatics, Scarlett Johansson auctioning a used kleenex for $5000 on Ebay. I've had enough, haven't you?

Q. What is the bare minimum?
A. The bare minimum is having toilet paper, and tea bags, and I guess, milk. Maybe some cookies. There's no need to go hungry.
What it is not: putting on make-up, achieving anything work-related at work, doing a supermarket-sweep en route to collecting children from school, standing in line for an hour to replace daughter's public transport ticket (that she lost, because she was careless), returning overdue library books, cooking any dinner that does not involve toast....

Q. When should I do the bare minimum?
A. I'm suggesting that you do it on Tuesdays. Or just this Tuesday. That's today. To see how it goes. If you like it, you can always join me on Fridays, when I go back to bed because I need to and because I can.

Q. Where do I begin?
A. The beauty of the bare minimum is its simplicity. Wherever you are, you can start right there.

Q. How do I know I'm doing it right?
A. Oh, you'll know. And you'll totally stop caring!

Q. How can I help other people who do too much and are far too responsible?
A. Send them this post. They'll thank you later.


  1. J - I loved this one! It's so fitting to my life as a "stay at home mom" of no children at home all day!! My BMT is BMAW (bare minimum all week) hahaha

  2. That's the spirit Patti -- Enjoy!!

  3. I knew that Kleenex would make an appearance somehow.

  4. Did you just reinvent the Jewisht Sabbath, and place it on Tuesday? Oh, vey!