06 January 2009

manual thinking

Better this morning. Freezing cold always good for kicking ass into gear. I've decided that it is pointless to whine about lack of motiviation, or blame Motherhood for interfering. I have considered the positions of several writers, living and dead, with whom I am familiar. Some have children, some do not. Some are successful, some are not. Some have/had wives or housefuls of servants, others do/did not. Conclusion: resistance is futile. There's nothing to do but do it, and be glad that my dynamic darlings would be as thrilled as I would, should anything come of what I do.
Utlimate outcome of all this manual thinking: yesterday evening, edited four pages of hard copy. This morning: made the edits on the computer.

In case you're curious, I came up with most of this on the bus yesterday afternoon.

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  1. I hear you! And thanks for the link to my ponderings on writing and motherhood. Some days the two seem to fit so well togther. Others- not so much. Even so, keep it up.