20 January 2009

Tuesday, 20 January

Hello, I'm sick, I feel like crap, I'm sneezing and snuffling and my throat hurts and I'm starving. What a combination.

I've stayed home from work and am padding around the house, trailing kleenex. 

The only thing I'm looking forward to is Obama's inauguration. Since we're 6 hours ahead of EST, the girls will be home from school, solfege, etc, in time to see his swearing-in.

I can't remember any swearing-in of this magnitude -- not Ronald Reagan, not Bill Clinton, certainly neither of the Bushes or Jimmy Carter.

I'd better lay in a reserve of kleenex  -- I doubt I will make it through 5 minutes without blubbing.


  1. J - hope you are feeling better and enjoying your press coverage tonight. I watched the coverage from 930am til 215pm when I had to leave to pick up the kids. I was hooked. Very emotional. What a great day!!

  2. We watched it... well, L. fell asleep but S and I saw it all. S astounded that I had never been to an inauguration!