16 January 2009

Wax and wane

Going off for some necessary hair removal. Sorry -- TMI, I know. I'm typing on my elder daughter's keyboard, so if there's a few letters out of place, blame it on azerty. It's the downside of living in a francophone country. OK, so there are many downsides. OK, so it's also a nederlandophone country. No, I don't know why it's so hard to get a qwerty. All I know is that they don't want to sell you one here. Even if you pay them.

Weird, isnù't it?

I've been editing my story. My head is totally swimming. I tried to give myself a break, and so looked at another story. C O L O S S A L E R R O R. I thought that story was pretty much done, but in fact it pretty much isn't. Now I don't know which end is up. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Just back from the waxing. Collected the children. Now they're making crèpes. Little Dancer has a friend over for the night, so I have to speak to them in French. In fact I am cracking them up with my incredible erreurs. Can you imagine, I thought paire was masculin !

In fact I have been writing a letter to the decretlotto. This is a group of angry parents who are fighting the "decret" under which we had to enroll our kids in secondary school. Daughter the Eldest was effected -- under the rules she did not get to move up automatically in to her school's secondary school, and although I signed her up for a place at five schools, she is on the waiting list at all of them. She's not the only one like that. It's a huge mess and no one can give me any concrete advice. I have written to the parents association at our school, and talked to the directrice and have heard from someone "in the know" that the schools themselves are powerless to do anything like make exceptions. SO WHERE AM I GOING TO SEND MY DAUGHTER TO SCHOOL? This is one f'd up country. The french community has messed around with school inscriptions for the past two years.... When will it end? In the meantime I am desperate. D the E does not deserve this. I'm writing letters in my crappy french and don't know what I am doing!

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  1. Ugh, big sympathy on the school thing. I hear it is a nightmare.