05 February 2009

French Candlemas - La Chandeleur - Crêpe Day (a few days later....)

Did not write anything this morning. No, that's not true. I did write something, a head-clearing rambling journal entry. It does not (except obliquely in this head-clearing sort of way) contribute to the Project. Therefore it is tempting to say it doesn't count, but I'm learning to refuse to do that. Why shouldn't it count? Don't I feel better for it? Oh, right, I'm supposed to be constantly beating myself up. I forgot about that!

Translated the poem Little D. is doing in class. Quite liked that, actually. Discovered a Mystery: searched for link to Pierre Gamarra and his poem, Un enfant m'a dit. Found several sites with the poem, but none of them had a definitive version. And none of them had the last part of the poem as Little D had been given in class, i.e. (French misspellings hers):

Un enfant dirait aussi
La cr
êpe est un soleil ...

C'est bient
ôt la chandeleur*
crêpe ronde et dorée,
Dans ma poêle blonde,
Je vais te faire sauter ...

Petit soleil d'or, cher trésor de février.
Sans tarder, je vais te croquer.

Rough translation:

A child also tells me
That a pancake is a sun ...

It is almost time for Pancake Day*
Little round pancake, little gold pancake,
In my white frying pan
I am going to make you jump...
Little golden sun, February treasure,
Without waiting any longer, I am going to eat you up.

So I don't know if that's something they added in class or what.

* 2 February... According to eHow, In France, the second day of February is a religious day and celebrated like Candlemas. La Chandeleur is also day for predicting the future similar to Groundhog Day in the United States. However, it is not a furry critter that foresees your fortune - it's a crêpe! Follow the link if you want to know what Candlemas is....

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