09 February 2009

A link, a book, and some more blue dolphins

Great link alert! Why prose writers need to read poetry on storytellersunplugged.
Don't worry it's short.

Great read alert! I polished off "How I Live Now" by Meg Rosoff (great site, btw) in less than 24 hours from purchase to completion. It's a fabulous read, though I wasn't as thrilled with the ending as I was the beginning and middle... It was the last 7/8s that I wish had just been slightly... I don't know, more, but I really shouldn't complain and I am glad I wasted no time and bought one of her other books, "What I Was", when I bought the first one.

Both books are in that "I Capture the Castle" vein of the good read department and are, accordingly, in the bookshop in both the adolescent fiction section and the adult fiction section. I love that cross-over thing. In fact I had first noticed "How I Live Now" while browsing with The Eldest in one of several French bookshops. I nearly bought the French translation, "Maintenant, c'est ma vie", being on the lookout -- as I always am -- for easy French reading. (Note, I am considering
"La vie d'une autre" by Frédérique Deghelt -- any recommendations? Interesting fact I just observed: Amazon.fr is not that much cheaper than buying in the stores... €8 on Amazon and €8 .50 in the shop....)

And how's that writing thing going?
You may well ask.

Well, I did fine on Friday.

I took a lot of breaks but set the timer and did a lot of writing in short bursts too.

This morning I made it out of bed and got the girls to the bus and came home and managed to later get out, fully dressed, and go to work where I have given off the semblance of being efficient for the past few hours.

This blue dolphin sticker business is paying off!

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