17 February 2009

On the other other other hand

Oh, but life puts me to shame. It is the drizzliest, grayliest day in living memory. I could barely be bothered to take the children to the bus stop and when the bus didn't come for ages I thought my head would explode. Poor things, it is not their fault... they should be growing up in a world where they can walk to school on their own, and mothers aren't meant to have to worry about their children's safety for so long. No wonder we're all bonkers. Perhaps I should do as their father would and leave them more to their fate? But argh, I can't do it. Just thinking about it and I see their school-photo faces on "missing" posters.

At the same time I am trying to write something and I have no idea what I am doing. While I won't let that stop me of course (when did it ever??), I have very little time to sort it out. I'm supposed to submit something reviewable for my writers workshop by end of the day tomorrow.
I have to say that I don't know how that will happen. I probably should have skipped this round, but we're low on the ground at the moment and I felt I should take my turn. On the other hand I haven't turned in a skimpy submission since the group's been running. So it's my turn! I also rarely miss meetings even if I am sometimes late. On the other other hand, what use will the feedback be to my fledgling project? It is far too early for anything like constructive criticism.

On the other other other hand, good news! Things are looking up in my quest for the perfect chocolate cupcake. What I'm looking for is something in between brownie and chocolate cake. Not too fudgy, but with some density. At the same time, it should be cakey. I have solved the problem of cake-iness by adding leavening agents to my excellent brownie recipe, and scaling back (so slightly) the butter and the chocolate. Test Batch 1 was too brownie. Test Batch 2 was fabulous. With Test Batch 3 -- the current batch -- I am trying to see if I can duplicate Test Batch 2. We'll know more later today when the votes come back from the girls after school. (Apparently their friends beg to taste my baked goods -- score one for moi!)

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