10 February 2009

Pretentious yet plausible. Can I get some help please?

I'm trying to name a character, an middle class British woman, maybe born in 1950s/1960s. Am bleary with looking at repulsive baby name sites, they all blink and bobble and flash pink and blue, and am none the better for it as no one seems to name their baby Felicity or Phyllida and I was looking for something particularly pretentious, yet plausible.... And not something that an American would think this person would be named, but would actually be named, by her own parents.

Can anyone help me?



  1. Go to friendsreunited.co.uk pick a school (a posh one of course) then look at the list of students for whatever year you want. Easy.

    Yes, I'm more useful than coffee

  2. Indeed, you are a Really Useful Boyfriend.