24 March 2009

Accentuate the positive

List: positive things to do today

1. Have coffee at naturale café
2. Buy umbrella during "lunch hour". Hooray, it is black with red polka dots
3. Ask for translator details from person I met last week (another American) who also just applied for Belgian citizenship, after 10+ years
4. Have a muffin from the lunch place. They told me it was yogurt-honey, but it also had lemon zest and sesame seeds on top (very tasty as a matter of fact)
5. Make plans to see a friend on Friday
6. Take Youngest to 2d hand bookshop on way home from school
7. Make macaroni au gratin for dinner
8. Watch series end of Mistresses without shame...
9. ... while eating large helping of No. 7....
10. ... in my pyjamas

I think I deserve a dolphin sticker for that.

1 comment:

  1. you must be in one of those hilarious moods, because you are cracking me up! :-)