12 March 2009

Enrolling into secondary school, Brussels-style. Or not

Live from today's Le Soir Belgqiue:
61 % de parents disent non au décret mixité

Un sondage réalisé à Bruxelles et en Brabant wallon révèle que les parents qui éprouvent de grosses difficultés à trouver une école secondaire pour leur progéniture sont mécontents. On s’en doutait. Mais cette enquête montre que même les familles qui n’ont pas rencontré de difficultés sont majoritairement opposées aux dispositifs mis en place par Christian Dupont.

That's French for, Christian Dupont the education minister forced a horrible system onto the enrollment process and it sucks and doesn't work, and even the people who got what they wanted out of the process are not happy about it.

An independent survey was taken. 1000 people responded. (Not the government doing this, mind you. An independent survey was done by concerned parents groups.) Half of resondents said they had received a place at their school of first choice. But even they are not happy about having had to go through a lottery, or the fact that others they know still do not have places.

Even Dupont admits there are mroe than 1000 kids in Brussels and Brabant Wallon that do not yet have a place for school in September. He admits this, but isn't taking any steps to solve the problem. The process was incompetence itself from the outset. It never contained a contingency plan, or a remedy for parents/students such as myself and my daughter (we do not have a place for September). Nor does it require families who have more than one place give up their extra places (or their waiting list places!). The literature I received makes only promises about how great everything will be and how we will get the school we want.

Absolute bolllocks.

What do the kids have to say about it?
« Je n’ai pas d’école pour septembre » ("I don't have a school for September"). In French, but compelling reading if you can do it.

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  1. No school in September? Waht is going on!!!! keep us posted.