26 March 2009

Into every life, a little rain must fall....

I think I have some rare mood disease, akin to SAD. The weather is all over the place and I am, too. The weather is sun, rain, wind, rain, showers, more showers, more rain, more wind, some sun again (but not very much), cold nights, cold days, a little less sun... And I am happy, sad, frustrated, confused, angry, resigned, depressed, depressed, okay, not bad, getting better, no, worse; depressed, depressed, all right, okay...

In an effort to stabilize the emotional system, I added some books to my wish list:

Walking in the World
by Julia Cameron

The Richness of Life
by Stephen Jay Gould

Will somebody please buy me something nice even though I am already reading at least half a dozen books?

Twyla Tharpe's The Creative Habit

A Book of Your Own
by Carla Stevens

Jeannette's Mental Health and Well Being Committee thanks you...

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