19 March 2009

Is London in Europe? Or, WTF is up with Eurostar???

You won't believe this (or maybe you will). I've been looking into getting out of Brussels for at least a day trip during the upcoming spring holidays.

I can take the 2 girls to Cologne roundtrip on a weekday during the school holidays for .... guess how much.

Clue: roundtrip on the Eurostar to London, which is roughly the same amount of time (2 hours), is 270 euros for the 3 of us (cheapest tix going).

Yes, that is 270 euro for Brussels to London, roundtrip, 1 adult and 2 children under 11.

Ready to know how much it costs to go to another vibrant major European city? OK, sit down.

Brussels to Koln, roundtrip, Thayls or ICE (both are reservation-required, direct international trains), for the same adult-children combination, costs

a TOTAL of

65 euros.

I do not know sufficent internet shorthand to express my dumbfoundedness, WTF does not seem to do this justice.

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