27 March 2009

It was a good thing there was yoga today....

.... because I got a letter today about secondary school for The Eldest. It was from the governmental body or committee or something like that which has been appointed to try to sort out the inscription mess. It basically said that they noticed Sophia doesn't have any place for September. Good of them, eh? They said they felt really bad about the fact she doesn't have a place, and attached a list of schools where there are, apparently, still openings. All I can think is that those must be the crappest schools in all the land, because every decent and half-decent school has a waiting list a mile long. Oh yes, and they added that if we were considering sending The Eldest out as a boarder, they could give me a list of boarding schools.

We have moved up to good positions on waiting lists at 2 schools, and both schools have told me they think that places will open up in June.

At the same time, a letter was supposed to have been sent out to parents who have multiple inscriptions, urging them (or commanding them? I'm not sure) to pick one and "desist" from the others. Oh, and if you have a place at a school, to give up your waiting list places at any other schools. I know parents who are in this fortunate situation. They don't know how lucky they are! I wonder sometimes what I would do in if I was them. If I only got The Eldest into our last choice school, I might well be holding out hope and hanging onto every place I have. But having got nothing, I feel so desperate I want to tell these people off. Can't they see what's happening? Not to mention my kid is smarter than theirs and does not deserve to go to school in deepest
Molenbeek. No, she will NOT go to school in deepest Molenbeek. They have got to be fucking kidding.

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