07 April 2009

And now for my next trick

Having gone through yet another cycle of despair, I have a new strategy. It is only the latest trick but there you go: I have very long sleeves. I started yesterday. I set the timer on my mobile phone and write for 20 minutes. Yesterday I did 229 words and today 261. I am trying to hold myself accountable to just 20 minutes. No more, no less, no pressure. No one will see the project until it is ready. And it won't be ready for a long time at 200 words, 20 minutes a day, but that's how it goes. I completely disagree with the line of thinkng that runs, "you have to do at least half an hour if you want to make progress." It isn't true with playing the cello, and it isn't true with writing. I don't know who makes up that crap. Why do people believe it? And no more crazy-making submissions to the writers workshop before things are ready! I can't write with a bunch of other writers, even friendly ones, hovering over my shoulder wanting to know what they're having for dinner. Please, indulge me. It may be madness but it is the best madness I know.

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