23 April 2009

Courage, it will settle.... Right?

Wait, wait, wait. I can't make any major decisions right now, not until I know where The Eldest will go to school. Not that there are any major decisions to make. But I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

The school called Uccle-1 (also known as Athenée Royal Uccle-1) not only puts their inscription waiting list stats on-line, but also frequently updates them. Why doesn't every school do this?? I last checked a couple weeks ago, and we were up into the 90s from number 162 originally. There were 180 total originally on the outside-of-Uccle* waiting list.

Well today I checked again and we are now 80. We've passed the half-way point!

At the other two schools that remain real possibilities (and there are two others which are really too impossible), we have climbed slowly from waiting list numbers 18 and 29, to 6 and 18. That's as of a month ago. I am beginning to worry that both are too "bien démandé" (highly desired), but slow and steady wins the race, right?

Had brief exchange of email today with one of the people who run one of the groups that are fighting this inscription process. Their words to me were:
Courage, ça va se décanter ...

Which Yahoo! Babel Fish translated as
Courage, that will be elutriated.

Elutriated. Merriam-Webster Online defined that as
to purify, separate, or remove by washing.

Hm. Google Translate was better. It produced
Courage, it will settle.

* What's Uccle? the name of the community, in French commune, where the school is located. We do not live in the commune of Uccle, we live in the commune of Ixelles. We used to live in Uccle and The Eldest has always gone to school in Uccle. But that doesn't count. And I honestly don't know if that helps or hinders. There is also a separate inside-Uccle waiting list, because the school has to keep a certain percentage mixture of in-commune and out-commune, in the make-up of its student body.

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