07 April 2009

Here, try some of these

I have been turned on via Scott Pack to Fiona Robyn's small stones. She also does a blogzine called a handful of stones. A small stone is described as "a polished moment of paying proper attention." They are haiku-like word formations: simple, often elegant, pure, surprising.

A handful of favorites:

from "handful of stones"

Friday, 13 March 2009

Birds love spring
So Cat decides
To love spring too.


Brian Pike

Monday, 9 March 2009

Young chestnut trees with black bark mottled with woody eczema.


Matthew Friday
Matthew Friday

and from "a small stone"

Saturday, April 4

First visitor, book signing

Are you the published author? I'm writing a book. It's about animals. It might take me five years to finish. It has an octopus and a cow with udders, the udders are like washing up gloves. It might take me a long time to finish it, maybe five years. It's good to meet you. You're a published author.

Saturday, March 28

Stopping for petrol

Suddenly the dark slate sky chucks out great waves of hail.

I will run feeds to both in the sidebar for our mutual enjoyment...

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