29 April 2009

One more school post and then I'll stop for the day

There was a meeting of the CIRI yesterday -- I can't remember what this stands for, but it is a government/ministry of education group set up to deal with the inscriptions mess. It supposedly has legitimate authority to do things such as (for example), ask parents to commit to their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choices, or even -- maybe? -- compel them to make a decision, and take a place they've been offered, definitively, and give up the other places they are holding, for those of us -- ahem! -- who have currently no place.

But apparently the CIRI has decided to do nothing. It wants to wait to receive inscription lists from the schools, to see the evolution of the situation before it acts! It doesn't want to act of its own power? Take action to rectify the situation?? It is useless!

The lists at most schools are not moving. They are blocked for many reasons, though I think I am most irritated by parents who already have been offered a place at one school, and have in theory accepted it, but have not completely committed, because they are holding out for another school. They won't turn down the place, but they don't really want it, either. I understand the motivation of such parents, but on the other hand I also think they are selfish bastards. How would they feel if they too had no place? Ah, but it's different of course then.

I wish I could tell the CIRI that I would happily take a place at any one of the schools we've signed up to, definitively, and give up the rest of my spots.

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  1. one day this will all be sorted out.....hopefully it will be prior to their September date (after school starts) that is the stupid part - get this resolved BEFORE school starts!!!

    I'm frustrated for you!!!!!