03 April 2009

School waiting list update

Made some telephone calls this morning. 1000 6th graders still without a secondary school place for September. The procedure has been a pure lottery, and we are lost inside it. As far as I am concerned the French Community has completely failed these children and their families. Even when we get a place, I will still resent this process and the time and energy it wasted, and the detrimental effect it will have: my children will very likely go to different schools; the secondary school we get the Eldest into will probably not be our first choice; Eldest is a good student at a good school and deserves to continue in that same vein. Due to a perverse technicality she cannot continue into the secondary school attached to the one she is in now.....

Here are our waiting list statistics:

Notre Dame des Champs: we were very far down the waiting list, past 100. Today the school said that there had been a total of 12 désistements (places declined). 12.

Athénée Royal Uccle I: we were originally 162, now 100.

St. Boniface-Parnasse: we were originally 18, now 6.

Athénée Charles-Janssenes: originally 29, now 18.

Both Uccle I, Charles-Janssens and St Boniface expect more movement in June. The woman at Charles-Janssens believes there are many parents hoarding more than one inscription. I only know a couple of families who are hoarding at least one inscription plus waiting list places, but then we were at a very small school until this year. And most of Eldest's classmates will go directly into NDC secondary.

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