29 April 2009

You gotta love this...

From an inter-school meeting held last night. When one participant asked, "What do we say to children who are still without a school?", the answer was:
the children, accompanied by their parents, should present themselves at their school of first choice on 1 September, or even on the following days, in the hope that the a space will have opened up for them. It will be in any case difficult days. The surest thing to do, for those who have a place already secured, would be to send a second adult to their first choice school.
There you have it. Show up hoping there's a place. Oh yeah, and if you already have a place, try getting one at your first choice school anyway. Just send another adult -- it's not like they have to go to work or anything, and you're sure to have a lot of adults around to do things for you. Neither are they likely to have to take younger siblings to their first day of school. Too bad, single parents, or anyone without their family around. Just be sure to pick an adult who is good at shoving, shouting and queue-jumping.


  1. I thought I read this wrong....wow! I'm shocked at that response.
    This is ridiculous!!

  2. I just wrote to the parents group making these points (in more diplomatic fashion). I'll keep you posted!

  3. OMG, this is awful. It's like when I was a kid in Libya, we used to queue up on the off chance there was some meat to buy in the butchers. Only this is school places not meat!