04 May 2009

April's Statistics

April was a cruel month this year, with two weeks of school holiday following some weeks of vague depression, but I was able to keep things moving during the first week of the holidays, and didn't lose momentum or the freshly regained motivation.

It is hard to quantify poems and working on poems. It isn't like generating fiction where you can document daily word counts. So when I've worked on poems I try to summarize what exactly it was I did.

I was keen to have a cool little graphic to show what I've been working on all month, and I've done that, partly, but I don't know (yet) how to get it into this post, or onto the sidebar, but I think this will work. When you're viewing these stats, remember that I'm writing for about one hour a day, four days a week, and we always hope for a little bit more on Fridays.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE APRIL 27th!!!!

  2. It's cool that you spend time on your poetry every weekday. I wish that I was that consistent with my writing. I am with blogging...does that count?

  3. Hi Patti -- I thought you might like that : )

    Hi Ronnica -- Yes, that counts! I think it all counts. Good to hear from you.

  4. When I was writing my thesis, I kept a 'word thermometer' to fill in and motivate myself. However, when my husband read over my work, he would sometimes say "You just wrote this to fill your thermometer. It is unneccissary. Delete it". He was right, but it was hard to take.

  5. Ouch.... True, but... I need to write the filler words in order to get to the real stuff! Quite like the idea of a thermometer.