18 May 2009

Find an Agent! Win a Website! Woo-hoo!

Are you at the "I need an agent" stage? Do you hope to be one day? Well, then check out QueryTracker -- either the website or the blog. The website is a database that both (1) gathers information about writers experiences with queries and agents, and (2) can help you find an agent. The blog has posts to help you write a synopsis, a one-sentence pitch, the all-important query letter, and so forth. Because it is a jungle out there in the publishing world, and far too often we writers are left to fend for ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

And if you happen to check out QT between now and 5 June, be sure to pop into the Carnival to help celebrate their 2d birthday. There are contests, prizes, and yes -- you could win the grand prize, a FREE WEBSITE. (Designed by Purple Squirrel Web Designers.)

Details are on the carnival page (link above and image to the left)!

PS For Bloggers. You can get an extra entry by announcing the carnival on your blog. Read all about it here.

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