07 May 2009

Isn't this gorgeous? Nicole Baillieul

One day I'll have enough extra cash to buy one of Nicole's lovely paintings. In the meantime I will sigh over them at her latest exposition.

For those of you in Brussels, the vernissage is Friday 8 May from 6 pm at:

Louise Baterna
Market Breaks
290 rue Josaphat (1030).

You can also visit Wednesday-Friday from 1-6 pm and Saturday 9.30 am-6pm, until 30 May.

About Nicole: After receiving her diploma from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Bruxelles, Nicole received the Prix Potter in 1991 and was laureate of the Prix du Rouge-Cloître in 1997. Her collection of poetry, "An entrelacement de souvenirs," ("An interlacing or weaving of memories") was published two years ago.


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  3. Thank you TechoMan! I have now tried again using a different method of upload. Can you see it now?